Friday, December 7, 2012

Darkness -- Crawling Back !!!

Its when the silence becomes the walls and noise keeps crashing at the corners....when the sunrays streaming in from the vents ,couldnt tear through the darkness of the room.....when the peeling paint of the walls reveal the scratches beneath....its when the chirping birds outside the window sill seem muted...........its when through the narrow cracks of the door , you can see the world outside - its everything that is the Life outside but that darkness still feels the soothing skin,those noises feel like the friends for life to hang onto, the scratches seem like the tempest in the soul within -- the cracks are the ways to step outside --- but the Futility of all -- that room becomes your place --- darkness is your companion -- the birds are the intruders of your space -- luring you to chirp with them -- but you want to hold onto the peeling flakes of the wall paint.....its when you love what you wanna love coz that makes you -- maybe thats your own mirror -- the world outside is for the rest .

Suddenly homless, dear Blog I come back to you -- but this will be remain the space for Darkness -- for the crawling sunshine through the vents, we shall find some other world, some other time......

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